Dear Mom and Dad,

Really sorry I couldn't survive my scholarship last semester. My GPA dramatically got down. I have know this was originally my fault, so I won't blame anyone. I have underestimated this semester by taking a job as a marketing part time in the campus. And It really really made my mind in a mess and divided it into two parts, studying and working. Initially, I thought It would be cool If I studying and working at the same time. But, I'm totally wrong! I regret it. So sorry...

I haven't told them about the result yet. I'm too scared to tell them because they are in problems too. There are many problems this time in my family. My aunt is in the hospital now because of diabetes, my grandma is going to Umroh and my mother has to pay a lot of money, my sister is in treatment, something wrong in her brain and she has to consume a lot of pils and capsules and those medicines aren't cheap. Now, I have to look for side job for a week. But, where do I find It?
Really really want to cry loudly!!!!! Hikssss.

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