Alone Doesn't Mean Lonely

Tuesday night. It's so lovely!

The campus activities have done and I go to home alone, as always. Just for tonite, I do my journey alone only until Sudirman Station. Because I have made a deal with my cousin to get on the same train.

Do you know? I never feel lonely eventhough I'm alone. I always enjoy every minutes when I'm alone. Doing journeys, thinking about something and I can say, I always get new idea when I'm doing my journey alone while watching the view out of windows. That's why I never feel bored doing anything and going to anywhere alone.

They always say the reason why I like this because I don't have a boyfriend. Oh come on dude. Do you think a boyfriend is a 'tukang ojek' or 'driver' for his girlfriend? If I have a boyfriend, I will be the same me as now. Of course, I'm going to divide my time with him. But, not always. I just want to be an independent woman who doesn't dependent on some people. Just it. Is it Clear? :D

But, I can't avoid that I have to need someone by my side somehow. Because I'm a social human too who needs other social humans for living. I admit it and I accept it.

Nb: Now, I'm sitting between two lady boys at Platform 3 in Tanah Abang Train Station. -_-

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