Happy Wedding Mr. Johny!

Happy Wedding Mr. Johny! Wish you get better life with your new partner. :)

So I think I'm getting fat again. -_-

Wait, There is no Mr. Johny in the photos above. Pfffft.

If He Truly Loves Me

"If he truly loves you, he will do anything to protect you. He doesn't let you go home alone in the night." Sir Rudi told me.
"I just don't want to be his troublesome, Sir." I answered.
"No. At least It proves that you guys protect each other." He replied simply.

Accidentaly I talked to Mr. Rudi last night after PSBO Class. I was surprised when I heard his last statement. It made me think about something that is haunting me now.

Unknown relationship. No status. No seeing each other. It's just saying "good morning", "don't forget to have your lunch" and "good nite". Sometimes I think, Is he serious? or he's just playing? I can't prove that unfortunately. But after listening Mr. Rudi's statement, I can make a conclusion.

It Hurts!

It hurts when you are compared with the previous one. Seriously, It really really hurts!

We Met, Bro!

Hello bloggie..... Long time no see this dumb page. Hihihihi. Kidding! xD

Well, I just want to share my happy feeling because I met my most-kind-close-friend, Papam. Long time no communicate and yesterday morning we met at Universitas Pancasila Train Station. I directly told him that I miss him so much. He looks so surprised. Hahaha. Ya... It's honest.

Ever I tell about him here? Not yet? Hmmmm, maybe next time I will tell about him here. :)


Several weeks ago I found this cute-sign at the door in commuter line.

Abunai yo!
Doa ni ki o tsukete ne!

It means; Danger! Mind the door!


[Late Post] Girl's Day

Spontaneous trip always bears unexpected things. After accepted Miss. Afny’s invitation to accompany her in her house in Tangerang, we –me, Arfi, Shindy and Nalini—walked away from campus to Palmerah Train Station. No preparing and bringing any cloth for tomorrow, Me and Nalini only brought what we brought today to campus for this surprised-trip. Absolutely, we didn’t bring any underwear. Ok, I shouldn’t write this one. But lucky us, Shindy borrowed us her clothes.

Yang Manja Dilarang Naik

Train train train. Train is not for spoiled people.

I just laugh when they are screaming, "Aduh jangan dorong-dorong dong.", "Aduh mba yang turun dulu.". Honestly, I'm bored hearing they are screaming. I think they should not take train if they don't want to get pressed. Maybe, next time PT KAI has to make a sign, "Perhatian! Yang Manja Dilarang Naik.". Because, they are so annoying. Exactly...