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[Late Post] Girl's Day

Spontaneous trip always bears unexpected things. After accepted Miss. Afny’s invitation to accompany her in her house in Tangerang, we –me, Arfi, Shindy and Nalini—walked away from campus to Palmerah Train Station. No preparing and bringing any cloth for tomorrow, Me and Nalini only brought what we brought today to campus for this surprised-trip. Absolutely, we didn’t bring any underwear. Ok, I shouldn’t write this one. But lucky us, Shindy borrowed us her clothes.

We didn’t reach platform 2 when we have been in Palmerah Train Station. So, we lost Tanah Abang Train and we haved to wait until the next train coming. The plan was changed because we have known the last train which has destination to Tangerang would arrive in Duri at 21:35. We decided to go out from there and walked away to Slipi to get on bus.

It was not easy like we think before. We haved to cross here, there and there to reach where the right-bus-stop-area is. It was so tiring for me because I brought two bags, a ransel bag with a laptop in it and a handbag with tumblr and mineral water 1lt in it.

God still loves us. After crossed everywhere, we found out the bus. I got on the bus and direcly sat on my bench and put my bags down. I’m totally tired. But the trip has not been end yet. We haved to get on other public transportation to reach Miss. Afny’s house. And did you know? We were lost during we got on angkot B02. The driver drove us to the wrong way. And it made us spending our money for paying double cost. So annoying!

After All of that has done, we arrived at Griya Kosambi which Miss. Afny’s house is located at. We saw her, waiting us at her gate house with a lovely smile on her beautiful face. Finally... we arrived!
We told her everything was happen during our trip. We shared a lot of stories about campus condition until midnight. She really treated us well, like we are her children. After we wore pajama that is borrowed by her, we played UNO before we go to sleep.

Miss. Afny: How If we go out in the morning tomorrow? While we have breakfast, Nasi Uduk or Soto Ayam?
Us : Yes Miss! We love It!

In the fact.
09:30 AM. Yoshhhhh. We slept over! We slept at 03:30AM and It made us slept over. Bzzzzzz. We were so sorry to Miss. Afny. The plan was canceled because we slept over. To cover it, we finally cooked together and absolutely we divided jobs.

First for the breakfast, we made toasted bread with chocolate, banana and cheese in it. And for the lunch, we cooked 4 dishes, Sayur Sawi with Tahu, Gohun, Tempe Goreng and Ayam Tepung. All of it was so delicious. We ate the foods satisfy. Yummy!

Sadly, after it we haved to go back to campus because there was a class. From the deepest of our heart, We didn’t want to leave Miss. Afny’s house early. We still wanted to share everything with her, doing house activity, and studying with her. Huhuhuhu.

Life must go on. Before we go, she told us about the different rute because we wanted to take train. After she told us, we permited to her and say thanks. Yosshhh thank you Miss. Afny! Maybe next time we will accompany you again and we can cook together again.


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