The Past?!


I'm feeling down today. Why does THE PAST always haunt some people who mean to me? It hurts after knowing the fact. Life is a truly complex matter.

"Happy Dance" Vol. 1

Aaaaaaargh. Finally!!!!!!! The video has done. So much thanks to Walter as an originator of the idea and our director. You are amazing!!!


sourch: Youtube

Welcome to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia!

"Everyone has a dream. But the problem is some people keep on dreaming."

It's like a morning sun after a long night.
This was our dream 2 years ago. But now, It comes true.

I Never Do That, dude!

This morning was so awkward. It was started from one of my coworker said that I exaggerated too much because I didn't want to hold a pen that has been contaminated with pork. Then he asked me If I had  a boyfriend or not.

And suddenly he asked me an awkward question in front of the others, "Do you ever do kissing with your boyfriend?".

I chocked.

"No! I have not done it yet!" I answered. Absolutely, I never do that until this minute!

He didn't look believe me. He asked me one more time again with the same question. And I still answered with my own answer. NO. I never do that, dude!

He told me that there is no difference between holding pork and kissing. I frowned. So what?

What the............ Ah whatever. That's up to him wants to believe me or not. It's not my problem. But, the problem is why did he ask that awkward question in front of the others? It's impressed that I'm like a cheap girl-_- Errrrrrrrrrrrr.

Peach Rose

Monday night.
I got peach rose tonight. Glad to have this one. Seriously, I really love flowers. I don't know why. They look so beautiful for me. I'm sure, I do love them.

Which One?

What if you are faced into two choices, the first one is black and the another one is gray. What choice will you choose?
Choose the third choice, looking for new one. :)


Found this inscription at Tanah Abang Train Station. I almost cry when I read the words. :')

Just Quote.

Batas akan tetap menjadi batas, saat tak ada yg benar-benar berani menyebranginya. Seperti halnya kita menamai udara sebagai udara, karena tak ada yang pernah bertanya kenapa. Jarak akan tetap menjadi jarak, saat tak ada yg memulai langkah untuk menyudahinya. Kita hanya menduga-duga, sebelah langit mana yang berwarna lebih merah. Dan, perjalanan akan tetap menjadi perjalanan saat tidak ada yang sudi menceritakan kisah yang menyertainya. 
Maka, temuilah, lewati batas, tuntaskan jarak. Ceritakan--setidaknya kepada diri sendiri tentang jawaban yang kita temui.

--from my twitter timeline.

New Chapter.

I MISS BLOGGING SO BAD!!!!!! *bear-hug*

So many stories that I really want to share about here. Where do I start from? Hahahaha.

First, let I share about my first monthsary being a full-time worker in Ranch Market 99. Happy monthsary me and RM GI! Hehehehe.

Finally, I got a job. So I can pay my study fee by my own money. So glad. *tearing*

The one and only, I would like to say thanks to Allah SWT who has given this blessed life.Thanks to my lovely parent and sisters. And also for my beloved best friends who always stand by my side whenever my condition is, Nalini and Walter. Without them, I won't be a strong one like this. I love you guys!

Hmmm... talking about my job now, you know? I'm really enjoy it. I learn so many things there, meet different personality and learn how to be responsible one. Most of staffs are so welcoming me. It cheers me up more. But actually, I still have to learn a lot from them. Especially from Pak Dedi. Thanks for giving me a chance to work at your store. Thank you so much. I will give my best for your store. *bow

I hope, I won't make a big mistake. And I hope I can work at the store until I get my degree. Then, I'm going to apply my CV to be RM's Web Designer. Amin. Pfffft.