I Never Do That, dude!

This morning was so awkward. It was started from one of my coworker said that I exaggerated too much because I didn't want to hold a pen that has been contaminated with pork. Then he asked me If I had  a boyfriend or not.

And suddenly he asked me an awkward question in front of the others, "Do you ever do kissing with your boyfriend?".

I chocked.

"No! I have not done it yet!" I answered. Absolutely, I never do that until this minute!

He didn't look believe me. He asked me one more time again with the same question. And I still answered with my own answer. NO. I never do that, dude!

He told me that there is no difference between holding pork and kissing. I frowned. So what?

What the............ Ah whatever. That's up to him wants to believe me or not. It's not my problem. But, the problem is why did he ask that awkward question in front of the others? It's impressed that I'm like a cheap girl-_- Errrrrrrrrrrrr.

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