What I Wore Today

Sunday! Say hello to weekend! It meant train was not crowded as weakdays. Fufufufu.
Let's play the music and dance in the train!

Btw, today is the first day of Ramadhan. I want to apologize for all my mistakes. And I just want to say, Happy fasting all! More pray in this holy month and may Allah bless you guys!

Train Impaired

Last noon, there was an interesting view in Tanah Abang Station. A commuter line on line three has a problem. So the passengers have to get off the train not in its proper place, on the platform three. Assisted by officers, the passengers got off the train and headed to the platform three waiting for next Bogor train.

Meanwhile, that commuter line impaired inspected by mechanic and returned to Bukit Duri Depot for repairing.

Campaign in Commuter Line

Three days ago, I got on commuter line after finishing my night class in campus, as always. Inadvertently I found something different in car for women only. Something that you can't find in most of commuter line. You know what? It's an LCD! But It's not an ordinary LCD. It showed pictures of presidential candidates.

Under Age

That's awkward moment when you are in a situation that there are a lot of people talking about 'adult' topic. And you just pretend you are sleeping because you don't want to hear that.

Engggg. I know I'm not a kid anymore. I should be open-minded about 'that' thing. But, What they talked about was so disgusting for me who have not married yet. This time is not the right time for me to consume that kind of topic, I think.

Abu-abu Atau Hitam?

Selamat siang blogwalker!

Kali ini gue memutuskan untuk menulis dalam Bahasa Indonesia. Emang sih jadi terlihat kurang konsisten melihat postingan-postingan gue sebelumnya ditulis dalam Bahasa Inggris. Tapi untuk postingan kali ini, kayaknya lebih greget kalo ditulis dalam Bahasa Indonesia. Biar keliatan..... galaunya. Okeh, kata yang terakhir mohon dilupakan.

Well, ceritanya sekarang gue lagi terjebak di sebuah kondisi yang memaksa gue untuk memilih satu dari dua pilihan yang sebenarnya membuat gue nggak mau memilih salah satu diantaranya. Aduh ribet ya bahasanya. Gapapa, biar keliatan...... galaunya. Okeh, next.
Gue sudah melakukan survey pada 6 orang dengan cara menanyakan pada mereka satu pertanyaan yg sama.

"Jika kalian dihadapkan pada kondisi, di mana kalian harus memilih satu dari dua pilihan yang sebenarnya sulit untuk kalian pilih, mana yang akan kalian pilih diantara dua pilihan ini. Pilihan pertama berwarna abu-abu, di mana kalian tidak tau apakah pilihan ini bersifat pasti atau tidak dan kalian tidak tau apakah pilihan ini baik atau tidak untuk kalian. Pilihan kedua berwarna hitam, di mana kalian sudah tau pilihan ini tidak baik untuk kalian, tapi kalian tau persentase kepastian dari pilihan ini lebih besar daripada pilihan pertama."

Hello, 20th!

3rd of June twenty years ago, I was born to this world. I cried with no sin. Time flies so fast. I have growed, learned about life, has been challenged with problems, cried because of life, loved someone and hurted. Now, I'm twenty years old. It's two decades. All praises to Allah who has given me this blessed life. Alhamdulillah.


Voila... Train schedule will change (again). Engg actually It has changed since yesterday. No doubt that yesterday there was no train from 12pm until 13pm.

Well, I have to reschedule my daily schedule that I will not be late at store later.


Welcome June! I miss you so bad.
3 days to go to 20th. Yeahhhhh! Let's do something new and better in my life.

First, I wanna be a good girl and a good partner life for someone in the future. So, I thing as a girl, I should be able to cook. For the first one, I tried to cook fried rice for me and my big sister this morning. Because my mom isn't in the home, we have to cook all our needs by ourself. I prepared all the materials, made the seasoning and cooked it alone. And voila!!!! Here is my food. The flavor? It's not bad, my sister said. Hehehehe. Do you want to try? Oooopps sorry... It has sold out. ;D