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Welcome June! I miss you so bad.
3 days to go to 20th. Yeahhhhh! Let's do something new and better in my life.

First, I wanna be a good girl and a good partner life for someone in the future. So, I thing as a girl, I should be able to cook. For the first one, I tried to cook fried rice for me and my big sister this morning. Because my mom isn't in the home, we have to cook all our needs by ourself. I prepared all the materials, made the seasoning and cooked it alone. And voila!!!! Here is my food. The flavor? It's not bad, my sister said. Hehehehe. Do you want to try? Oooopps sorry... It has sold out. ;D

Second thing, Hmmmmm If I talk about train, It won't finish until tomorrow night I think. Hehehe. Yaaaaaa. I want to tell about the train's schedule this noon. It was so messy. I have been at Universitas Pancasila Train Station at 12.00pm as always and there is no train which heads to Tanah Abang. Errrrrr. Then I decided to get on the train which heads to Jakarta Kota and get off at Manggarai.

Do you know what happened when I arrived there? The Tanah Abang Train's just arrived at Bojong Gede Train Station. Bojong Gede? Hello..... It was 12.40pm at that moment. When will it arrive at Manggarai Train Station? When will I arrive at Sudirman Train Station if I wait that train? I will be late absolutely.

I decided to exit the station and take busway. Run run run. I was full of sweat. But I said to myself to think calmly. I got on the busway at 12.48pm to head to Dukuh Atas Shelter. The train station and the busway shelter is far enough. That's way my body was full of sweat, my t-shirt was wet enough. ;'')

I arrived at Dukuh Atas Shelter at 13.06pm and quickly exit from the shelter to take another transportation. I though that waiting for the busway took so long time. It was better I took another transportation, kopaja. And lucky me, kopaja came earlier than the busway. So I got on the kopaja and finally arrived at Grand Indonesia Shopping Town at 13:23pm. I was not late!!! I succeed catching up with the time. I won!

Engggggg..... The lesson that I got from this case is, "Don't think too much, just do it!".

Third thing, My patience has been tested this night. Honestly, I'm sick of being blamed everytime. I know, I'm still a newbie. But, It doesn't mean I can always be blamed everytime you want. I have learned a lot of things there and I know what should I do. Why don't you look closer for something? Please don't judge quickly without obvious reason. :)

Ah... I know that My God is bigger than all my problems. Ya,  I believe it. And someday, time will answer it. Who the correct one is and who the wrong one is.We'll see. The important thing, I have given my best for the store in the last two months.

Yadana... this is nearly 3 am. I have to sleep. I have to work today! See you on the next dumb post. *throw a kissbye* ;P

Closing quote;
"Life is like Adidas and Nike. Nothing is Imposible and Just Do It!"


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