Free Takjil

It has been 1 week I didn't get on the train. So miss it! And today, I came back! Gembel peron back to station to meet her lovely train. Hihihi.

I thought thing evening was not crowded as always because some people was on leave. But, I was fully wrong. It was so crowded this evening.

Well, I got something this evening at Sudirman Station. I got free takjil! You know why? I just top my KMT up and suddenly the officer told me that the struck can be exchanged with takjil. He offered me two options, a snack and a mineral water and he asked me to choose one of them. I had thought. I decided to choose a snack because it looked more interesting. Xixixi.

Whereas I didn't have any water for breakfasting this evening. So, I didn't drink any water for breakfasting in jhe train. It's okay for me, I'm a camel.

4 Hours in Singapore

Getting on train is the most favorite thing when I went to Malaysia and Singapore. I was so excited for doing it. Enjoying the view, taking a look for their system and infrastucture were so interesting for me.

These are some snapshots when I was in Singapore for transit before taking off to Jakarta. We just have 4 hours for visiting Singapore by getting on MRT to go to our destination, Merlion Park.

[Malaysia Train Edition] Monorail

Captured every side of Monorail in Malaysia! When I arrived in Kuala Lumpur, Monorail was the first kind of train which I got on. Therefore, my face in these pictures below was full of excitement. Did you know? There was no train driver! Maybe It was driven by machine or magnet. I don't know exactly. x))

The look of Monorail Station.

For Better Indonesia

Happy Democracy of Party, Indonesia!
Today everybody went to TPS for choosing a new president. Our votes determine Indonesia's future for 5 years later. Hmmm, basically both of candidates are qualified to be a next president for Indonesia. They have their vision and mission for making Indonesia better.


Today was free for me. Because there was no manager and most of supervisor was off too. So, I can work calmly. x))

Taken by Wandi.

Snapshot Gerbong Kedua

Kata siapa kereta listrik di Indonesia nggak ada yang bagus? Kata siapa kereta listrik di Indonesia nggak layak pakai semua? Buat yang ngomong gitu, kalian salah.

Nggak percaya? Seperti tagline, No pic = hoax, maka dari itu, gue bawain buktinya. Di sini.