Free Takjil

It has been 1 week I didn't get on the train. So miss it! And today, I came back! Gembel peron back to station to meet her lovely train. Hihihi.

I thought thing evening was not crowded as always because some people was on leave. But, I was fully wrong. It was so crowded this evening.

Well, I got something this evening at Sudirman Station. I got free takjil! You know why? I just top my KMT up and suddenly the officer told me that the struck can be exchanged with takjil. He offered me two options, a snack and a mineral water and he asked me to choose one of them. I had thought. I decided to choose a snack because it looked more interesting. Xixixi.

Whereas I didn't have any water for breakfasting this evening. So, I didn't drink any water for breakfasting in jhe train. It's okay for me, I'm a camel.

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