My Dating Dream

Someday, I want to lay in a flower park with my partner of life in my side. Looking at blue sky, sharing my earphone with him and listening to some acoustic instruments. Sometimes breathing deeply while closing our eyes. Then we start to hear our wishes. :)


You Are The Apple of My Eye

Just finished watching a film that has so damn sweetest and deepest meaning in its story. And it almost made me cry hiks hiks.

Btw, I love the quote who appeared in the last scene.

"When you truly love someone, when there is someone who loves her/him, you automatically will pray from your deepest heart for her/his happiness forever." --Ko Chi Teng, You Are The Apple of My Eye.

What Keeps Me Loving Train

Do you know what keeps me loving train? I hear some great stories from those mothers whom I meet in the train and they tell me about their successful children.

And it successfully gives me a motivation. :);):D