Everything is Color

No matter how hard your life is. Be thankful everyday you open your eyes in the morning. Smile and give your best every part in your life. Because there is some people who still survive for live.
Everything is color. Life is too short to have regrets.

A Thousand His Idot Ways Which Always Make Me Smile (Part I)

Sprint Sprint Sprint

Seperti biasa, malam-malam setelah selesai kelas gue selalu dipenuhi lari jarak pendek menaiki tangga dari peron 5/6 ke peron 3 bersama Juan dan Sir Gufron. Cuma demi primadona peron 3 di Stasiun Tanah Abang, Commuter Line Bogor.


Jadi Anaknya?

Tempo hari, sempat terlintas di pikiran gue tentang hal yang benar-benar absurd. Saking absurdnya, gue nekat nanya langsung ke pihak yang bersangkutan.

The First One

He's the only one who always shows me that "He truly loves me" by his own idiot ways. Someone who has dimples and slanted eyes.

He has been the first one in everything I've not done yet with other boys. He's the first one I cried for. He's the only one who treats me well, protects me well.

Thanks for everything!

You Are Not Exception

Have you ever imagined how happy you'd be to love and to be loved by the right one, If you think you are happy enough to be with the wrong one?

Do you know what keeps me surviving to love you longer until this second, even they always tell me many things that I won't hear about?

Yes. You know I always say this words, "Everyone is good in their own way." And I believe 1000% that you are not exception.


Your 'ndud' 😊

He Said

"Have somebody here come into your home and met your parents?"

"Not yet."

"I'm the first one who will come into your home and meet your parents."

"What will you do?" I'm surprised.

"I just want to come and meet. Is not allowed?"

"Oh. I though...."

"How overconfidence you are Yunita." He laughed.

I laughted. Damn... he always annoys me everytime. That's why he always makes me smile and feel better.

Thanks a lot. :)