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Triple Job

Welcome to da next level!!!

This day was so tiring. 3 jobs in a very very short deadline! Have you ever imagined?

I arrived at 06.15 am this morning after I learned riding motorcycle with my father. As always, I sat at the bus shelter doing anything with my gadget until 07.00 am. I decided to stay longer in the shelter or anywhere because I just didn't want to disturb Pak Tarib who has to clean and prepare the office every morning. Besides it, office has not been opet yet too. I was just lazy If I have to knock the fence from the outside. I think It's not a polite thing.

At 07.00 am, I walked to office which is located near by Tarakanika School. And as always, there was no one there but Pak Tarib. Shortly, I was the first one who came this morning. I directly did my responsibilities as a social media officer, creating content plan for next month. I just finished some because I really really thought about two campaign proposals which have to be revised.

At 10.00 am, I went to DBS Bank Tower for attending the education with Mas Riezky, my AE (Account Executive) in office. We asked to capture some photos there for Facebook content.

At 03.00 pm we went back to the office to make the content directly (Because, you know? The PIC of the brand which I held asked us to submit the content TODAY). So, when we arrived safety after meeting the Jakarta Traffuck jam at 04.00 pm, I sat on my desk and started to do what I should to do.

The first one, I have to finish two content plans about event report. And I should make a conclusion for the result of our interview with Paul Ricupito, The International Educator from Australia who gave the trainning about the latest hair trend today. Actually, Mas Riezky wanted to ask Kak Uti who is the copywriter to make the result of the interview. But, she was so busy with her BC Project. So, the job was switched to me.

Fyi, we suddenly were asked to make some questions for the interview. Suddenly! And we didn't know yet before because the no one told us. And... the point is, that questions should be in English (and yeah It's because Paul can't speak Indonesia). That was pretty surprising us actually. But, we did! We did! Even sometimes we asked Mba Becca (who is the PIC in the event). She kindly helped me to translate my questions in English when I was really nerveous. Thank you Mba Becca.

After making the event report and choosing the best photo for completing that content, I continued what I was doing with two campain proposals! Which should I submit today, too. Changing some parts and build it in beautiful words. Thinking, thinking and thinking. I should be more creative, fastly. Hahahaha.

At 07.00 pm finally I finished all the jobs. I really felt so satisfy. I can go home calmly. But, I just awared that I have not finished Content Plan for April yet. And It made me thinking it all day until I arrived at home.

Ah... Failed to enjoy the calmly thought. Fiuhhhh.


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