Mood Intonation.

I have a problem with managing my mood. I don't know whether the blood type is one of the cause of this shit but I'm a B-type anyway. My mood is like intonation which be up and down in unpredictable time. I can't manage it. It always gets me. And I always lose. I'm loser. Loser. Loser.

When I'm interested to something, I will do it continously and ignoring other things that I have to do. Or just put a little attention in other things. No need a lot of time, I start to feel bored and I leave it like hit and run. And it does repeatly.

I'm tired being like this.

Deep inside, I really want to have consistency in doing a lot of things in my life. But, I have not successed yet to do it.

Anyone has idea how to manage mood? If you have, please tell me.


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