Scatheless Kids

In this technology era, everybody is helped by using gadget. Anywhere, anytime, everyone holds gadget. And so do kids.

Technology and gadget, two things that are actually good for human activities. But not all. Sometimes, they take our time which has to be used for socializing. Sometimes, they drive us to be ignorant, which is we never feel care anymore to people around us. That's so bad?

In every situation, I always see kids playing their gadget. They just focus on it until they lost their time to play with other kids. But this evening, after doing my job I saw two kids on the roadside. They made me so relieved. They are not part of children who lost their time just because too focus on gadget.

They are only kids who are scatheless from the "gadget-flooding" and the "heavy-technology-flow".
Thank God.

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