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My Wishlist vs My Fears

One of my wishlist is doing solo travelling with airplane. It means I have to go to airport and doing all the airport procedures by myself. Going to airport and flying with airplane are not new things for me. I had two times, but I did those things with my fellas. That’s the reason why doing solo travelling with airplane is a new thing for me.

On early March, God gave me a jackpot. God gave me a chance to feel how curious flying alone. A quiz in social media brought me to my wishlist. I have won round trip airplane ticket on December last year. Not flying abroad, it was only flying outer island. It’s okay. The point is, my wish has been granted. I’m so blessed.

Nervous, thing that I mostly felt when I arrived at Soekarno Hatta International Airport. Many questions filled my head like, which terminal I have to check in? Is that a must to print e-ticket and check in only with e-ticket? Is it allowed to bring liquid cosmetics like facial foam or perfume?. Those questions are small portion of my fears.

The first fear I felt was missing the flight because of Jakarta’s traffic jam. Even though my flight was at 12:25 PM on weekday but I was initiative to go to airport early, at 7 AM by DAMRI Airport Bus. Because I thought Jakarta’s traffic jam would take 5 hours to go to airport.

Not as my expectation, the traffic jam was not really bad that morning. And when my bus entered the highway, everything was so smooth. No traffic jam! And did you know when I arrived at Soekarno Hatta Airport? At 08:35 AM! It meant I had to wait for 4 hours in airport. Nice calculation!

The second fear was on my e-ticket. I forgot to print my e-ticket because I had to finish my jobs until the last time of H-1. I asked many friends for making sure that It was okay to check in only with e-ticket. Even though most of them answered okay, I kept to go to my airline counter to print my e-ticket. And the fact I got, It’s okay to check in only with e-ticket. Good job for my over-thinking habit!

My fear didn’t stop at that time. The biggest fear was when I arrived at check in counter. I gave my printed e-ticket to the airline staff with this question in my head “is this ticket real? Tell me that I’m not a dupe of quiz I won!”. Yes. I thought it that time because the expression of that staff showed me a doubt when she saw my printed e-ticket.

You guys will ask me, how come I really over-thinking?

Did you know? I was afraid that I was a victim of fake quiz. Because the redeem process of the gift was too easy, simple and fast. I didn’t know. I was afraid that I couldn’t do my wishlisht. I was afraid to be disappointed.

Lucky me. It was not fake quiz. And the staff gave me boarding pass. Apparently, she was just confused because I didn’t take luggage fee.

When boarding pass was on my hand, I read and checked my seat and destination to make sure it was right. I was not lucky at that time because my seat was at “C”. It meant I couldn’t seat near the window and enjoy the cloud view.

After 2 hours in the shaking airplane, I arrived at my destination with nausea. The weather at that time was not good. But, “Pantun” from the cabin crew made me feel better.

It was my first experience of flying alone, what’s yours?


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