9 Jul 2017

Halfway to Break My Limit

56 KG vs 50 KG

It's quite slow but it's okay. At least I'm halfway there.

Things that you should know about my transformation:

1. I don't diet 'cause I'm still not able to avoid many foods that I love the most like martabak, kerupuk, opak, nastar, etc.

2. I always try to eat better and do exercise every time I can. And I still eat rice! (It's a proof that I'm literally Indonesian)

3. No excuse! I commit to myself that I have to do at least one kind of exercise like weight or cardio everyday or at least 3 days a week.

4. I didn't go to gym. I do all exercise at the home using free application.

5. I choose jogging, cycling, jumping with skip rope and dancing for my cardio (I love watching KPOP Idol dance practice video. LOL). Sometimes I combine or switch them If I got bored.

6. I try to follow gym/healthy life account in my social media to motivate me If I'm tired or not to keep going.

7. I have trying to eat better since April 29. But I have trying to commit to myself to do exercise as much as I can started from a month ago.

8. I try to implement meal plan; 3 meals and 3 healthy snacks. 

9. I only consume milk, mineral water and yakult for ready-to-drink product. I draw the line for sugar-consumption.

10. I make my own lunch box and healthy snack.

11. I always give reward for myself after doing workout/exercise like buying new sweater for running and a lot of fruits.

Now, I still struggle for breaking my lose-weight plateau. I have being stuck in 50 kg for a month. Sad.

But wait, being stuck in the same number without diet means my metabolism's getting better, right? (fyi, I have slow metabolism) And I also can breath normally when I wear my new jeans with new size (not like a month ago when I just reached 50 kg). Happy!!

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